Post-pandemic scenarios & policies for Greece’s economic recovery

by: Yannis Eustathopoulos

May 2020

The gradual lifting of the lockdown restrictions have fueled an interesting discussion on the “day after” the pandemic regarding the role of the sustainable development agenda. “Back to normality or an opportunity to move towards a sustainable future?” is therefore a key dilemma for the post-Covid19 era. This report attempts to answer a series of key-questions:
  • What are the scenarios for the “day-after” in Europe and Greece in a critical period for the economy, society and environment?
  • What are the priorities for the recovery plan of Greece in order to enhance the sustainability, resilience and added-value of the economy?
  • How can sectors such as energy, tourism, agriculture, the circular economy, networks, manufacturing, the digital economy and the welfare state adapt to new needs and priorities?