From Economic Growth to Sustainability and Well-being

by: Γιάννης Ευσταθόπουλος

October 2019

The renewed interest for the qualitative dimensions of growth makes holistic and 'beyond-GDP' approaches more relevant than ever. This concern arises from the increase of the frequency, scale and intensity of natural disasters, the widening of social inequalities and the contradictions between economic growth and well-being. This working paper provides an overview of the public debate, of the international policy-making experience and of the literature regarding the concepts of well-being, sustainability (economic, social and environmental) and resilience. First, we proceed with a presentation of the above concepts. Secondly, we provide a timeline with the key-events and developments of the last decade concerning well-being and sustainability as well as a list of best practices regarding their integration in policy making. The third section continues with a review of international literature focusing on key-messages, findings and policy proposals directly related to the specific features of the current economic, social and environmental context. Based on the above, a set of proposals is submitted in the final section in order to contribute to the implementation of policies addressing structural and institutional weaknesses and the limitations -in terms of speed, scale, scope and quality- of current actions for the transition to a new sustainable and fair development model.